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THE BANDS VISIT Madman, M, 85 mins, rent/buy, $29.95 THIS quietly moving Israeli gem follows the members of an Egyptian police band visiting Israel as they take a wrong turn in the desert. Stranded in a remote town, they find the lonely, disaffected locals surprisingly accommodating. A simple story full of touching reflections on love, loss and loneliness, this funny, more

About Town

Something funny on the way to the races

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Growing Up

TO SEE a child laugh is to witness joy unalloyed. Whether it's a giggle, a cackle, a high-pitched shriek or a throaty guffaw, the sound is to the jaded adult ear what cool water is to the exhausted long-distance runner.

Another Side To The Funny Business

At Montreal's Just For Laughs festival, Australians join in the career-making wheeling and dealing, writes Craig Platt. 'IT'S both fantastic and ridiculous at the same time," says Adam Hills of the biggest curated comedy festival in the world, Montreal's Just For Laughs. It's for this reason that Australian performers like Hills, more

Age Improves Noted Director

FILM REVIEWS: Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles; Over the Hedge; Hoodwinked; Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift; Oliver Twist; Renaissance; Factotum; Paper Clips